Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – how to save a frame to a file?

Hello friends! This afternoon I was faced with the issue of saving the frame from the video. Of course, the good old PrnScr could make things easier, but … are we learning Adobe Premiere Pro, sort of? So – let’s go the right way and learn how to save the frame to a file.

Despite the long introductory text, everything is extremely simple:
1. In the Time line window, select the frame we need:
Adobe Premiere Pro - Timeline Window
2. Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + E
3. In the window that appears:
Adobe Premiere Pro - save frame to picture
specify the name of the file under which it will be saved, its extension, and the path of the saved image.
4. Click OK, and rejoice 🙂

Thanks for your attention!
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