Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – transparent layer in the video

Hello to all! Transparent layer and video – what is the relationship? Let me show you an example:

Recently, during the production of this video:

I ran into a problem

create a transparency effect under the layer

with the image of a burning candle (in the video you will find an implemented example at 1:04).
The original video found on the Internet in principle satisfied: a black background, a candle, and no extraneous interference. It remains to understand how to remove the black background.

But everything turned out to be simpler than it seemed: the developers of Adobe Premiere Pro provided this as well.

So we need:
1. Overlay the video that we will use with a transparent layer on the main stream
2. In the transparency settings of the overlay video, select Lighten.
3. Rejoice.

прозрачный слой

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