How to allow loading .rar .bin and other files in WordPress?

Hello everybody! Today, during the installation and configuration of the module for technical support on one site (about this module, by the way, a little later), I encountered a problem of permission to download files with the extension .rar and .bin in WordPress. The message “Sorry, this type of file is unacceptable for security reasons” didn’t please me at all, but the problem was the problem to solve it, which means – let’s deal with it together! Continue reading How to allow loading .rar .bin and other files in WordPress?

Open Broadcaster Software – how to create a creeping line?

Hello to all!

Today we will consider the question that almost every streamer faces sooner or later: how to create a creeping line? As a working environment, we use the program Open Broadcaster Software, which you can download from the link . Despite more than wide functionality for the stream, the program is completely free, which cannot but rejoice:)

In fact, in the program Open Broadcaster Software all this is created for one-two-three. So, let’s begin!
Time. In the Sources window, add another source: text:
Open Broadcaster Software добавление бегущей строки
Two. We give any name that is convenient for you to this source. In my case, it will be just a TEXT 🙂

Three. We create the text of the creeping line, and specify its settings:
Open Broadcaster Software настройки бегущей строки
In fact, everything is very intuitive and simple. As a hint, I’ll only clarify that the “Scrolling speed” parameter is responsible for the speed of text passage in the creeping line. By the way, the ability to get text for a creeping line directly from a text file is very convenient. But it is imperative that it is encoded in UTF-8 or compatible. The functionality of Open Broadcaster Software allows you to make adjustments on the fly. Those. you add the text you need to the file, and it immediately begins to appear in the running line – without overloading the program and stopping the broadcast.

It is important to note that in Open Broadcaster Software Studio the mechanism for adding a creeping line will be somewhat different. We will talk about this a little later 🙂

UPD from 05/30/19:
I repeat – it is extremely important that your text file with text for the creeping line be encoded in UTF-8 🙂
кодировка файла бегущей строки
The best way to do this is to use the Notepad ++ editor. Download, install, create a text file, check that the encoding is as in the screenshot above 🙂 We write this file in the settings of the creeping line and enjoy 🙂
пример текста в бегущей строке
As always – if you have questions, write to mail , or in Telegram. Thank!