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Creating a VPN channel is free, easy :)

Hello everybody! Not so long ago, the question of creating a VPN channel arose. Actually, the background is very simple – my son and I often play on a local network in Command&Conquer (classics of the genre). And then we had to go far enough, and nobody canceled the tradition – we played, we play, and we will play. So – you need to be puzzled by the question of creating a VPN channel. But as always – everything is solved very, very simply. Continue reading Creating a VPN channel is free, easy 🙂

Teamviewer – getting user ID and access password

Hello everybody! A somewhat abstract post today, devoted to a question that sounds like: getting a user ID and password for accessing the machine on which Teamviewer is running. Actually, everything is simple ? And yes – this material is purely informative in nature, aimed at letting you know what to look for in the computer from something that might bother you ? Let’s go! Continue reading Teamviewer – getting user ID and access password

ActiveX in Chrome

I recently set up an office video surveillance system based on IP cameras D-Link 910, which, although discontinued, continues to work for the benefit of the control of working personnel. Of course – laying a twisted pair cable (without this, in our age of wireless technologies!), And the fight against the Java security system, which in theory should have been responsible for outputting the video stream directly to the browser.

Smoking manuals to combat security restrictions, updating Java itself, lowering the security levels of the system itself and other dances with a tambourine did not lead to success, and I, admitting my defeat in this round, did not give up and turned to the ActiveX tab – which I could also take on taking care of the video processing on the client side. There was a problem – getting ActiveX to work in the Chrome browser. Of course, it was possible to configure everything to display in Explorer with the argument “Otherwise,” but … in fact, I’m sharing the good news – the possibility of ActiveX in Chrome exists!

Through the Google store, look for the IE-Tab extension (or just download it on link 😉 ), install it and rejoice – after clicking on the new icon in your browser, you will see an IE line, entering in which the address of the resource requiring ActiveX you get Explorer emulation in the Chrome browser.
Отображение ActiveX в Chrome

By the way, this focus works not only for ActiveX – at least all passed link tests visited with this extension confidently identified my browser as Explorer.
By the way, in the settings of the IE Tab extension it is possible to add to your favorites the pages that need to be displayed using this module. Great!

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