Создание VPN-канала

Creating a VPN channel is free, easy :)

Hello everybody! Not so long ago, the question of creating a VPN channel arose. Actually, the background is very simple – my son and I often play on a local network in Command&Conquer (classics of the genre). And then we had to go far enough, and nobody canceled the tradition – we played, we play, and we will play. So – you need to be puzzled by the question of creating a VPN channel. But as always – everything is solved very, very simply.

After a murdered evening devoted to familiarizing myself with the mass of services that allow you to create a VPN channel by port forwarding, and other tricks, thinking about organizing your own server, and so on, I came across RadminVPN – the heir to the old and time-tested Radmin software product that allows you to control the work of remote computers and provide support when needed. It is important to note that this program was very widespread before the advent of TeamViewer, i.e. on the side of the developers – very many years of experience in this area.

The program is completely free and very easy to use. We download the program, install it, and as a result we see a window in which you need:
1. Come up with a name for the VPN network
2. Come up with a password to access this network.

Now, when you need to create a VPN channel with another computer, install RadminVPN on the remote computer, specify the name of the network, the password for it, and voila! we get a stable and fast VPN-channel 🙂 Tested in practice.

Thanks for attention! As always – in case of questions, write to the mail, or Telegram.