this message couldn't be displayed on your device due to copyright infringement

Telegram message “this message couldn’t be displayed on your device due to copyright infringement”

Hi all! Today we will figure out how to get rid of the message “this message couldn’t be displayed on your device due to copyright infringement”, which you can see in Telegram if you are trying to access data that is protected by copyright.

Actually, the reason for this post is simple – I love to read. I read a lot and constantly, and I do not plan to give up this habit. For many years I have been reading from electronic devices (the first reader was Casio PV-S460 – just think – almost 20 years ago … 🙂). Since then, devices have changed, but I read-read-and-will-read!
Sites like Flibusta, and later a bot in Telegram, which helped in finding books, became a very big help in reading. But copyright fighters reached us in Telega too, so a couple of years ago the bot stopped working on mobile devices, but continued to work on the desktop version. It turned out something like the following scheme: on the computer in the Cart we are looking for a book, download it, throw it into a file hosting service, download it to the phone, read it, enjoy it. I was rather tired of this, so I created the PiratBook group – it is completely open for access, and there (oh miracle!) – among the administrators there is a bot from Flibusta, to which you can contact to search for books. Everything works – and even on mobile devices 😉 Welcome!

Have read up to this place and it became interesting how to create such a group? Read more 🙂
1. Create a group (on a desktop client, or mobile – it doesn’t matter)
2. Add the bot you need to the group members
3. We give the bot administrative rights. IMPORTANT: we also give the right to add administrators.
4. In the group chat, write: / start – thus connecting the bot to the working mode.
5. Rejoice.

That’s all 🙂 Thank you for your attention! If you have any questions, write to the mail or Telegram 😉