PHP - как сохранить файл в папку на сервере?

PHP – how to save a file to a folder on the server?

PHP – how to save a file to a folder on the server? A simple task – but … is it so simple, especially for a beginner?

So, we will have the following technical task:
1. Creating a form with which we will receive the name of the file that we want to send to a folder on the server
2. Data processing in this form
3. Sending a file to the server

To solve the problem of creating a form – create it (who does not know how – you can read here). The form will consist of a “File” field and a button that submits data:

From the interesting – in the field with the “File” data type, we specifically narrow the possibility of uploading extraneous files to the server – we only allow images to be uploaded. This is done using accept=”image/*

As you can see from the form code, the add_to_base.php file will be responsible for data processing. It looks like this:

?php $path = "pic/".$_FILES['photo']['name'];
if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['photo']['tmp_name'],$path)) { echo $_FILES['photo']['name'].' loaded'; } ?

Let’s look at the code in more detail:

$path = "pic/".$_FILES['photo']['name']
  • the $path variable, which is formed from the directory where we will save the image on the server, and the file – which we receive from the form on the previous page (this file is passed here by name = “photo”).
if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['photo']['tmp_name'],$path)) {
echo $_FILES['photo']['name'].' loaded';

move_uploaded_file – a function that checks if the file has been uploaded to the specified location or not? If yes, we display a notification.

As you can see, everything is simple 🙂
In the near future we will deal with the question: how to display a file located on our server on the site?

If you have any questions – write to mail, or Telegram.