Parser Title, Description, Keywords using Google Docs?

Parser Title, Description, Keywords with Google Docs

Hello to all!
Google Docs is an interesting and extremely multifunctional technology that allows you to work not only with documents and spreadsheets.

In today’s lesson, we will consider the possibility of using Google Docs for parsing Title, Description and Keywords from any number of sites – completely free and fast enough. Yes, you can use ready-made developments for this, but … why not make your own combine? 😉

Additional notes in the video:

Formulas used in the video:

=importxml(A2;“//title”) – get the value Titles

=importxml(A2;“//meta[@name=’description’]/@content”) – – we get the Description value from the specified site

=importxml(A2;“//meta[@name=’keywords’]/@content”) – we get the Keywords value from the site

=importxml(A2;“//h1”) – get the value of the H1 tag from the landing page. In case you need to get the data of H2 and H3 tags – use the same formula, just change the tag parameter 🙂


Links that are used in column A must be specified with http: // – otherwise, Google Docs may throw an error in receiving information.

An example worksheet is located here. Watch, test, use.

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