Rubber effect in Adobe After Effects

Hello to all! Sometimes, in the process of creating animations using Adobe After Effects, you need to add some “dynamics” to the object … So why not make the so-called “rubber effect”?

Let’s try to understand a little more specifically. For example, in the picture below:
we have a marker that can be used in the project (for example) of an animated map (let us not be confused by color differences – everything was drawn in Adobe After Effects, after which it was converted to .gif format). As you can see – it increases in size, after which … nothing. Yes, beautiful, but not very stylish 🙂 Let’s try to change this and add some dynamics.

Using this regex:


in the properties of the object responsible for its size (Scale) we get here is such a “rubber effect”:
резиновый эффект
agree – everything has become much more dynamic and more stylish.

The full regular expression itself is available at link.

The marker enlargement project itself is very simple; it makes no sense to upload it.

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P.S. Converting files from the .mov format (into which the project was converted from Adobe After Effects) into .gif (which would be more convenient to insert into the record) was done using the resource – very comfortably 🙂

P.P.S. And play with the options:
amp = .025;
freq = 2.0;
decay = 3.0;
You’ll like it.