Circle and circle

Hello to all! In the last post, we met with polygons. And today we will slowly continue to comprehend the basics of geometry, in connection with which we will learn the difference between a circle and a circle, as well as find out what it really is and what properties it has.

So – a circle. In general, a circle is a polygon, only the number of angles in it is to tend to infinity. An example is in the pictures below.

We have a square – 4 peaks:
Окружность - квадрат

And here is a polygon with six vertices:
окружность - шестиугольник

And here is a polygon with twelve vertices:
окружность - двенадцатиугольник

And here is a polygon with twenty-four vertices:
окружность - двадцать четыре угла

– as can be seen from the figures above – the more angles in the polygon – the more it looks like a circle: a figure in which all its component points are at the same distance from the center:
окружность - расстояние от центра

Now we will understand what a circle is and what a circle is:
a circle is everything that is inside an innumerable number of points located at the same distance from the center – including these same points. In the figure, it looks like this – a huge mass of points forming a circle + inner content:
Что такое круг

And the circle is only points, but without internal content. In the picture, it looks like this:
окружность - круг

In fact, a circle is just a curved line closed to itself.

Perhaps this is all I can say about the circle and circle 🙂 Thank you for your attention!