Zennoposter – work with Excel spreadsheets

A couple of days ago I ran into a data processing problem, namely – Zennoposter – working with Excel tables obtained from an Excel table. The essence of the problem:
1. We take the data from the cell
2. We process
3. Check the cell on the right – if empty – go down to the line below, if there is data – go to it
4. And so on the cycle …

The complexity of the task was in processing the transition to a cell in an adjacent column.
After a few comments in the Zennoposter forum, one night and several experiments, the solution was found simple and elegant:

1. We receive a line and we transfer it to the list
2. We work with each line separately – they took, processed, deleted, and again the cycle.

due to which both the processing speed and the simplicity of the design as a whole have increased.