не работает клавиша FN

Toshiba Satellite FN key not working

Here one good man asked to put his old, but reliable laptop in order Toshiba. Cleaning, installing an SSD, and then realizing that standard Windows drivers do not start the FN key. That’s why today we’ll figure out what to do in a situation where the FN key does not work for a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Finding information to solve the problem, picking forums and reading documentation (as well as trying to figure out the BIOS – you never know) – did not bring any results. However, at one of the forums I read that Toshiba assigned everything related to the FN key control to a package called Value added package. What is the reason for this – I can’t answer, I’ll just say that on the official website the archive was found through F, but still managed.

Who cares – download the link (transferred to his server), the installation occurs by the standard method: start – unzip – restart the computer (surprise!) – further installation – the joy that the question “FN key does not work” is no longer relevant;)

Thanks for attention!
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