Setting the selection of the active video card in Xiaomi Air 13.3

Hello to all! Recently I met a man with a similar laptop (Xiaomi Air 13.3), who was cursing at a weak video card. We looked at the settings – it turns out that the second video card simply did not connect when needed;) On this occasion, I decided to share information on how to correctly select the active video card in Xiaomi Air 13.3 – in case you suddenly updated the system, installed everything drivers – and when working with Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, you don’t feel the promised speed.

In fact – everything is simple;)
So, when installing the system, you:
1. Install the operating system. Of course – no one forbids you to use Linux, but I prefer Windows, which means we download the distribution kit from the official Microsoft website and install the system. By the way, here I talked about how not to get lost on the Microsoft website, and download everything you need as quickly as possible.
2. Install all the drivers on your machine. I also talked about drivers in one of the entries 🙂 Just in case, I duplicate the links:

3. We begin to configure the automatic selection of the active video card for work:

  • To do this, go to NVIDIA Control Panel – right click on the icon in the lower right corner:
    NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Go to settings Manage 3D Settings:
    NVIDIA Control Panel - Manage 3D settings
  • Select: Program Settings:
    NVIDIA Control Panel - Program Settings
    That’s all. Thank you for your attention 🙂 In case of questions – write to mail, or Telegram.