Fake Email List + Generator

As part of the post dedicated to the ability to extract links and email addresses, it was necessary to make a list of fake email addresses, which would allow not only to generate fake addresses, but also to do it in a form ready for use in the html code. Actually, the Python generator code itself is available below (suddenly it will come in handy for someone) (and the PHP generator is at the very bottom of the page 😉 ): Continue reading Fake Email List + Generator

SSL-certificate and missed renewal date :(

Hello everybody! Still, you need to blog more often, more often. And actually – there is something to write about, but there is a catastrophic lack of time. Didn’t look at the blog for a couple of weeks – oh, it turns out, the SSL certificate has already expired, and the site traffic fell from stable + – 500 people per day to 40, and even those were clearly frightened off by the inscription that the site was unreliable 🙁 Important: described in this In the article the method of obtaining a free SSL certificate turns out to be limited to one year, and then they try to force you to switch to a paid plan.

As always, everything turned out to be not as scary as it seemed, because the material on this matter will be available very soon.

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