How to remove video jitter using Warp Stabilizer

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Today’s post is not about Python, which I started talking about lately (if interested, join and stay tuned for link ), and video stabilization capabilities in Adobe Premiere CS6. Roughly speaking, we will learn how to get rid of small vibrations in a video shot without a tripod – like this, in manual mode 🙂 using the built-in Warp Stabilizer effect.

So, suppose you shot a video in which everything is fine, but … there are minor fluctuations. Something trembles, yanks, distracts from the essence of the video, and in general – it looks extremely unprofessional.

The effect of Warp Stabilizer will come to the rescue. We cut out the piece that needs processing from the original video, and we throw this effect on it.

Interestingly, the effect works in the background. Those. while the computer calculates everything that can be stabilized – no one bothers you to cut-process other pieces of video. The effect works like this:

– after processing is complete, you will see the inscription Stabilize. And … all … 🙂 Most of the work can be done automatically, but still – let’s figure out the effect options.
The effect control panel looks like this:
Warp Stabilizer настройки


    • Result: – effect presentation form
        Smooth Motion: smooth movement. The effect smoothes out all jerking vibrations
      1. No Motion: no movement. The effect will try to keep everything shot in the center of the video, trying to leave it motionless with respect to the edges of the video by resizing the video, position, and adjusting the perspective.
    • Method: – by what methods will the effect process our video

Warp Stabilizer method

      1. Position: the effect only manipulates the position (camera point of view)
      1. Position, Scale, Rotation: – for processing, parameters such as: position, video size adjustment, video rotation are used
      1. Perspective: video perspective
      1. Subspace Warp: the effect uses all of the above simultaneously
    • Borders – edges of the processed formWarp Stabilizer borders
        Stabilize Only – the effect only stabilizes the video, if suddenly during the processing of the video the edges are distorted – well … it happens.
      1. Stabilize, Crop – The effect stabilizes the video, and uses cropping in the work, trying to fill the entire area of the video.
      1. Stabilize, Crop, Auto-scale – The effect stabilizes the video, trims the edges if necessary, and manipulates the size of the video.
      1. Stabilize, Synthesize Edges – the most interesting, but sometimes insanely stupid 🙂 The effect stabilizes the video, and if necessary, “thinks out” the filling of the resulting empty spaces. And if in the case of, for example, asphalt – this method is quite good, but using this method in a video where there are people – leads to completely indescribable results.

    Well … we examined the main parameters of the effect, we will deal with the rest yourself 🙂

    And yes – an example of a video with and without processing in Slow Motion mode – below:

    And here is the video processed in No Motion mode:

    And as always – in case of questions, please write to mail, or leave comments 🙂