How to add a timer to a video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?

Adding a timer to a video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – how difficult is it? Actually – not difficult at all ?

I will not talk about the appropriateness of this – since you are reading this text, then you need to! And this is the most important thing. Go!

1. We take the original video. For example, I’ll take my lesson on video cropping in Adobe After Effect. By the way, it is available

link ?

How to crop video edges in Adobe After Effect

2. Insert it into the sequence:
how to crop video edges in adobe after effect - insert into sequence

3. After that – create a new sequence. To do this, click on the New Item button:
creation of a new sequence

и выбираем Sequence:
create a new sequence - button

4. In the new sequence, create a transparent layer. To do this, click on the button Transparend video:
Transparent video in Adobe Premiere

5. We stretch the created transparent video to the timing we need (here you have to act at your discretion):
Video size

5. We apply the TimeCode effect to the just created transparent layer. By default, it is located in the branch: Effects – Video Effects – Video – TimeCode:
timecode effects

6. Most often we work with minutes and seconds (in the parameters of the TimeCode effect there are also the possibility of frame-by-frame accounting, but we will not use it). So – it’s time to trim the excess. To do this, use the Crop effect:
crop effects

Having cut off the excess, we get something like this:
crop effects - pruning

7. After that, transfer the resulting sequence to the Source window. To do this, select the resulting sequence, and use Ctrl + C. After that – go back to the initial video, and insert our timer: Ctrl + V:
add timer to video

By dragging your timer on the clip, you can set it to the desired position and select certain places.

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