Adobe Premiere Pro – Timelapse effect (time lapse)

Hello friends!
Today we’ll learn how to create the Time Lapse effect using Adobe Premiere Pro. In fact, everything is very, very simple:
1. We shoot the video
2. Speeding it up;)
And it’s all.

And now a little more detail:
The video below shows the view from the window of my kitchen 🙂 The video you are watching is the result of a recording of one and a half hours. and accelerating the video from 100% to 5000% – we get only 62 seconds.

As you can see – the camera was fixed in a static position, and as the dynamics we have: movements of the crane, clouds, and trees.
We take the source file and paste it into the sequence window:
adobe premiere timelaps

After that, press the key combination Ctrl + R – thereby calling up the dialog box responsible for the video playback speed. It is important to know that your current video, no matter how fast you shoot it, will have a mark of 100%:
adobe premiere timelaps скорость

Instead of 100% we indicate 5000%, and we get a video much smaller in size, and much more accelerated;) Did you order Tamlapse? 😉

I’ll attach a video lesson to the recording a little later. In the meantime, thank you for your attention!
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