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The blog is not abandoned – just summer :)

Hello to all! I want to clarify right away that the blog is not abandoned. Simple – summer … And yes – thanks for reading 🙂
Plans for the near future:
1. German (not given at all :()
2. A couple of programs in Python
3. Some descriptions of interesting Python libraries
4. Let’s continue to deal with Contao
And then we’ll see … And yes – don’t forget to subscribe to my channel at Youtube and Instagram.

Teamviewer – getting user ID and access password

Hello everybody! A somewhat abstract post today, devoted to a question that sounds like: getting a user ID and password for accessing the machine on which Teamviewer is running. Actually, everything is simple ? And yes – this material is purely informative in nature, aimed at letting you know what to look for in the computer from something that might bother you ? Let’s go! Continue reading Teamviewer – getting user ID and access password